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Sheet Music Catalogue

The website contains details of our music for wind orchestras and wind ensembles, with useful information for programme planning, including programme notes, grading, duration, composers’ biographies and reviews. All the CDs listed are also available from Ariel Music.

Ariel Music was created thirty years ago to publish and distribute the music of Guy Woolfenden. This unique catalogue also includes important works for symphonic wind orchestra by Dominic Muldowney and Eseld Pierce, together with Derek Smith’s delightful arrangements for wind dectet of several of Haydn’s Notturni.

Our music is enjoyed by players, conductors and audiences the world over for the beauty of its scoring, witty rhythmic ingenuities and lovely melodies. We maintain our relationships with conductors and performers across the world, we believe in the importance of forging new connections and have supported young musicians over many years.

“What a huge debt of gratitude I personally owe to William Shakespeare, and the theatre that so proudly bears his name. Working with those magical plays has definitely made me a better musician than I would have been, and enriched my life in more ways than I can say.”

Guy Woolfenden