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The grading used in this catalogue is that quoted by the American magazine, The Instrumentalist, now widely accepted throughout the world as a guide to the standard of playing required to perform wind orchestra works.

Grade 1 Very easy AB 1-2: beginner school band level
Grade 2 Easy AB 3-4: second year school band level
Grade 3 Intermediate AB 4-5: established school/county band level
Grade 4 Advanced AB 6-7: good school/county band level
Grade 5 Difficult AB 7-8: university band level
Grade 6 Professional AB 8 +: conservatoire band level



All works for wind orchestra include recognised alternative transpositions, and all sets of parts destined for certain European countries include the complete range of European transpositions.


Postage is charged extra at cost and orders to destinations outside the UK are usually sent by air mail printed paper rate to arrive as quickly and as economically as possible.


All major credit cards are accepted. When an order form is completed and emailed to us, you will receive an email back from Jane Woolfenden confirming that the order has been received, informing you of the extra cost of the postage and the different methods of payment.

This is not a secure site, so if you wish to pay by credit card, but do not wish to send your details by email, you can send the details to the facsimile number below. If you don’t trust fax either, you can always send half by fax and half by email, which has been known!

We are proud of our reputation for quick and efficient service and hope you will find the website interesting and informative. You are warmly encouraged to contact Jane Woolfenden for further help or advice:


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